Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Plan for 2011

Hi all,

I want to submit blog posts that will touch on my research projects. I have some book plans and ideas for journal articles. My plan is to submit research work to this blog in 2011.

All the best,



Matt13weedhacker said...

Sounds great.

May I ask what your research projects are currently? Or are you touching on past research projects as well?

I am hoping to finish a comprehensive study of Justin Martyrs two Apologies and his Dialogue with Trypho in regard to his every mention of the Son, Father and holy spirit and their relations to one another in both the Greek & English versions that I can obtain presently and also the Latin texts of his two Apologies. Also his use of Hyperetes in regard to the Son and his phrase the "real Maker of all things." If eventually I get time I would also like to do a study of his use of Allos & Heteros and Aggelos, Theos, Kurios also. All ticking along slowly when I get time.

I always enjoy your research on the ANF and look forward to future posts.

Edgar Foster said...

I'm studying the Arian Controversy and I would like to complete Christology (volume 2), a project I wanted to finish years ago, but numerous things got in the way. I'm also studying Irenaeus' Christology. Your research projects also sound interesting. I hope you get them all accomplished.

Matt13weedhacker said...

Hi Edgar.

I have posted some of the results of my research into Irenaeus Christology on my blog.

It may be of some use to your project.

Enjoy your day.

Edgar Foster said...

Hi Matt13,

I have read your posts on Irenaeus' Christology and enjoyed them. I will continue checking your blog for other posts. They have been helpful.

All the best!

Matt13weedhacker said...

Hi Edgar.

Hey thanks.

Did you check the older ones as well? Because I posted a whole heap in one day and touched on Irenaeus in some earlier posts.

There's more to come anyway.

I would be interested to see if you post excerts from translations different to the common Roberts & Donaldson ANF version. I always like comparing translations and finding interesting info in the footnotes etc. I know theres only a limited amount of English versions of Irenaeus.

I noticed in one footnote on the CCEL site that Theodoretus quotes large portions of Irenaeus in Greek and that it quote: "differs widely from the Latin version" and that the Latin copyist has taken many liberties some rather inocent others not so. Also Epiphanius quotes large portions of Book One Adv. Her. also in Greek.

Hope this helps.

Catch ya later.

Edgar Foster said...

Hi Matt13:

I have read your new and old postings concerning Irenaeus and I enjoyed them. I am reading the Adversus Haer. now, but since it's primarily for my benefit, I've just been reading the normal renderings of Irenaeus' work.

Thanks also for the observation on Theodoret.