Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Must a Person Believe in the Trinity Doctrine to be Counted a Christian?

"The church is the community and a Christian is someone who, when the identity of God is important, names him 'Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.' Those who do not or will not belong to some other community" (Robert Jenson, Systematic Theology, 1:46).


Kevin said...

It's interesting how far the reach of ecumenism extends. So it's the trinity for the Ecumenical Lutherans. That's about as far as the Catholic Church, which only recognizes trinitarian baptism formulas.

Anyways... Lovely blog. Erudite and well written.

I'm an ex-Catholic agnostic currently treading the waters of theism once again. I find the JW perspective a bit refreshing. My Catholic wife won't have anything to do with it, but perhaps I will reach out for a few bible studies.

Keep up the work!



Edgar Foster said...


Your remarks are appreciated. It's nice to hear that you have an open-mindedness toward a perspective that may differ greatly from the way you were initially taught. I would encourage you to try studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. We do not believe in coercion or using force with anyone. But you might like what you hear.

All the best!