Saturday, April 11, 2015

For Fun: Some Old Questions from Tests I Used to Give

Other thoughts from past tests I gave:

1. Explain the ritual procedures for Atonement Day (Yom Kippur) and discuss why it was observed.

2. The longest and shortest psalms respectively are Psalm _________ and Psalm ______________.

3. Explain the biblical meaning of the Hebrew word mashal.

4. List the significant event/s associated with each date below (worth 2 points each):
961 BCE
922 BCE-
721 BCE-
612 BCE-
539 BCE-
520 BCE-
515 BCE-
444 BCE-
331 BCE
167-164 BCE-


Adam said...

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for posting it.

1. The ritual procedures of Atonement Day are outlined in Leviticus 16. The high priest dressed in holy linen garments, and first offered a bull and ram. He cast lots over two lambs, one to be sacrificed to Jehovah and one for Azazel. All of this was in the Holy.

He then entered the Most Holy with incense and burning coals, then left and returned with bull's blood which he spattered (for the priesthood.) He did the same with the blood of the slaughtered goat for Jehovah (atoning for the other 12 tribes.) The sins of the people were put upon the head of the goat for Azazel, and it was led off into the wilderness.

All of the sacrifices on Atonement Day were shadows of the reality to come, the one perfect sacrifice of Christ, as described in Hebrews. It made Israel conscious of their sinfulness and their consequent need for redemption.

2. Psalm 119 and 117.

3. Mashal means 'proverb' or 'proverbial saying.'

I'll leave the dates for someone else to tackle. :)

Edgar Foster said...

Good job, Adam, and you did not even have the textbook. :)

Glad you had fun with the questions.


Duncan said...


961bce Solomons completion of the temple.

The northern tribes revolted and formed their own government under Jeroboam I in 922bce.

Edgar Foster said...


that's good so far, although I forgot to mention that the dates I was using were determined by the textbook. So they will normally differ from dates given in the organization's literture.

Some books place the start of Solomon's reign at 961, but others say it began earlier. My old textbook says Solomon died in 922 BCE. Others locate the division around that time. All of these dates (most anyway) usually are qualified with the Latin "circa."

All the best!