Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Rahner and Divine Unity/Unicity, and the Trinity (Weedhacker)


Matt13weedhacker said...

Hi Edgar. Forgive my ignorance. I'm having trouble grasping the difference between "unity" and "unicity". Are you able to give some disambiguation? Came across a similar thing the other day when I was reading something about how the Tri{3}nity is not "Triplicity".

Edgar Foster said...

Hi Matt13:

Triplicity simply means three parts, which is a position that orthodox/historical Trinitarianism wants to reject. The three persons are not supposed to be three parts of God. However, Rahner's point also seems to be that God is not just numerically one, but the oneness of God is "mediated" by divine threeness. Trinitarians like Rahner want to avoid the implication that "Jehovah our God is one Jehovah" means that God is a bare unity or just one person. In the Trinity, one being does not = one person.