Friday, December 09, 2016

Lactantius and the Son/Sons of God "Breathed" Into Existence (Divine Epitome 42)

"In fine, of all the angels, whom the same God formed from his own breath, he alone was admitted into a participation of his supreme power, he alone was called God. For all things were through him, and nothing was without him" (Epitome 42).

Latin: Denique ex omnibus angelis, quos idem Deus de suis spiritibus figurauit, solus in consortium summae potestatis adscitus est, solus Deus nuncupatus. “Omnia” enim “per ipsum et sine ipso nihil.”

Bibliographic Information: L. Caeli Firmiani Lactantius Epitome Divinarum Institutionum. Ed. Eberhard Heck and Antonie Wlosok. Stutgardiae et Lipsiae: Teubner, 1994, Pages 51-52.

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