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Brief Word Study on EUTRAPELIA

Brief Word Study on EUTRAPELIA

BDAG states: "EUTRAPELIA, AS, hH (s. TREPW; Hippocr. et al., mostly in a good sense: 'wittiness', 'facetiousness' [cp. our 'turn of phrase']; so also Posidipp. Com. fgm. 28, 5; Diod. S. 15, 6, 5; Philo, Leg. ad Gai. 361; Jos., Ant. 12, 173; 214. Acc. to Aristot., EN 2, 7, 13 it is the middle term betw. the extremes of buffonery [BWMOLOXIA] and boorishness [AGROIKIA]; acc. to Aristot., Rhet. 2, 12 it is PEPAIDEUMENH hUBRIS) in our lit. only in bad sense coarse jesting, risque wit (for sim. sense cp. EUTRAPELOS Isocr. 7, 49) Eph 5:4."

"EUTRAPELIA, AS, hH (EU, TREPW), 1. Versatility, wit, facetiousness(Hippocr., Plt., al.). 2. = BWMOLOGIA, coarse jesting, ribaldry(Abbott, Essays, 93): Eph 5:4" (Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament, page 190).

"EUTRAPELIA, AS, f: coarse jesting involving vulgar expressions and indecent content-'vulgar speech, indecent talk.' KAI AISXROTHS KAI MWROLOGIA H EUTRAPELIA, hA OUK ANHKEN 'nor is it fitting for you to use shameful, foolish, or vulgar language' Eph 5:4" (Louw-Nida Greek & English Lexicon 33.34).

"EUTRAPELIA (#2365) coarse jesting. It implies the dexterity of turning a discourse to wit or humor that ends in deceptive speech, so formed that the speaker easily contrives to wriggle out of its meaning or engagement (Eadie). After a banquet the guests would sit and talk making jokes; often there was a jester (SCURRA, COPREA) who knew how
to make plays on words . . ." (Rogers and Rogers, The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament, page 443).

SCURRA = "A city buffoon, droll, jester" (Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary).

COPREA-"A low buffoon, a filthy jester (post-Aug.), Suet. Tib. 61; id. Claud. 8; cf. Dio Cass. 50, 28" (Lewis and Short).


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