Thursday, November 27, 2014

William Kinkade Articulates the Logical Consequences of Calvinism in a Few Words

"If God has, by the acts of his will, fore-ordained all things whatsoever comes to pass, then it will follow that every thing comes to pass just as he wills it; and of course no being can, ever could, or ever will do any thing contrary to his will. I cannot see any difference between this doctrine and Deism" (Kinkade, The Bible Doctrine Of God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Atonement, Faith, And Election, New York: H. R. Piercy, 1829. page 301).

He references Jer. 7:31 on page 302 to show an instance of some human actions which God has not foreordained. I've never heard that scripture explained well within the context of predestination, but let us see what Calvin has to say about the verse in Jeremiah.

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