Thursday, June 14, 2018

Daniel Lloyd's "Ontological Subordination in Novatian" (Link)

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Lloyd references my book "Angelomorphic Christology" a few times and, more importantly, he interacts with some of its contents. Aside from these points, his dissertation is important for patristic studies.


Matt13weedhacker said...

Hi Edgar.

I have this PDF, and it is very insightful, but does not address sufficiently, that (1) the MSS for the modern text Novatian's work have been lost/destroyed, and (2) it is acknowledged that the standard text of Novatian has been highly redacted and corrupted in recent centuries.

See Cambridge Text 1909, forward and footnotes, also Jim Papendera's translation notes, 1998, etc.

Matt13weedhacker said...

On a side point, Page xxii-xxiii (22-23) of the Introduction of the 1909 Cambridge Ed. makes an interesting comment:

"St Jerome is our earliest authority for the existence of this treatise among the works of Novatian; a list of which he gives, closing thus: 'et de Trinitate grande volumen quasi [Gk., epitomen] operis TertuUiani, quod plerique nescientes Cypriani existimant' [de Vir. III. c. 70] Again, he controverts an assertion of Rufinus, that the Macedonian heretics, 'who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit' [Ruf. de Adult, Libr. Orig. 2] had hawked the 'Libellus de Trinitate' of Tertulian about the streets of Constantinople at a small price, having incorporated it with the Epistles of Cyprian, whose authority they wished to claim for their heresy. Jerome pronounces this a twofold falsehood, saying that the work is neither Cyprian's nor Tertullian's but Novatian's, 'cuius et inscribitur titulo et auctoris eloquium styli proprietas demonstrat' [Hieron. lib. ii c. Rufin. § 19]. Some perplexity has been created by Jerome's description of the work as an epitome of a work of Tertullian's. There is nothing in the writings of the latter except the Aduersus Praxean which can come into consideration : he has left no treatise de Trinitate. And our treatise is distinctly longer than the adu. Praxean, and also contains some thoughts which remind us rather of Irenaeus than of Tertullian."

Jerome gives additional evidence of Tertullian's great influence on subsequent Christian writers even though he was a heretic (Montantist).

Edgar Foster said...

Thanks Matt13weedhacker:

I have not read the entire dissertation, but some points caught my eye. To not mention the status of Novatian's text would be a big lacuna in a work dealing with his thought. When I was researching these issues, I found Russell DeSimone's work to be helpful and I used an older Latin text for Novatian's De Trinitate. The second point you made concerning redacted material and corruptions in Novatian also should have been included.


Matt13weedhacker said...

et de Trinitate grande volumen, quasi ἐπιτομὴν operis Tertulliani faciens, quod plerique nescientes, Cypriani existimant.

especially, a great volume On the Trinity, a sort of epitome of the work of Tertullian, which many mistakenly ascribe to Cyprian.