Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Habakkuk 3:4 in J.J.M. Roberts' Commentary (Screenshot)

Wish I also had the next page.


Duncan said...

A classic case of circular reasoning. Genesis bolstering Habbakuk & vice versa.

Duncan said...


I can only repeat your comment - "Two phenomena existing at the same time or within the same culture aren't necessarily related"

But I do not even think this is the same time or culture.

Duncan said...

Adad god of storms does not have the rear facing prongs:-



Duncan said...

Teshub - the Hittite variant:-


Again no prongs to the wrist.

Edgar Foster said...

The author does say "typically" and points to specific instances of ancient iconography. We can't expect that the same imagery will always be present.

For further reading, see https://www.amazon.com/Storm-God-Ancient-Biblical-University-California/dp/1575060698


Adad may not have rear facing prongs, but Adad is depicted with lightning prongs.

Edgar Foster said...

I see you posted Green also, and I've now read the pages you supplied.

Edgar Foster said...

But Teshub also has the prong for lightning, even if it's not a rear prong.

Duncan said...

https://goo.gl/images/wQtrup moving foreward in time we come to the storm god baal. Now we are getting more contemporary to Habakkuk. I have seen this statue in the flesh. It's tiny. Can you see the similarity to Teshub? It a pitty that his implements are missing. I find it hard to swallow that anyone would bare similarities to baal at the time of the 12.

Edgar Foster said...

The statue does remind me of Teshub, but like you said, with no implements. Of course, this whole conversation over the last few days has been moving along two tracks as we've considered Exod and Habakkuk.