Sunday, May 30, 2021

Lessons We Can Learn from Balaam (A Talk Modified for This Blog)

We live during a time when heartache, tribulation, and calamities are multiplying. All of us are being affected by Covid-19, and we still have to contend with other health or money issues and natural disasters. Where should we turn when facing such challenges?

Tonight, we'll consider three lessons from the biblical account regarding Balaam. Let's first read Numbers 22:3-6.

After Israel conquered the Amorites, they camped on the desert plains of Moab. What effect did Israel have on the Moabites? Numbers 22:3 reports that Moab became "sick with fear" toward Israel. As a result, they tried to harm Israel by hiring the prophet Balaam. How did Jehovah react to the curses of Balaam?

Read Numbers 22:12, 34-35; 23:11-12

Did you notice how Jehovah acted in behalf of his ancient people, Israel? He turned a curse into a blessing. Balaam tried to curse God's people (call down evil on them), but Jehovah prevented him from doing it. So what lessons do we learn from this account? Please turn to Numbers 24:12-13 (Read)

One lesson we learn from this account is that no one can successfully oppose Jehovah: Balaam could only speak what Jehovah wanted him to speak; he could not curse Israel if Jehovah wanted to bless the the nation. Jehovah overruled and prevented his efforts.

Finally, we learn that our immovable place of refuge is Jehovah. When we experiences trials, hardships, health challenges and economic reversals, to whom do we turn? God's Word exhorts us to trust in Jehovah at such times. Why is that the case? Because Jehovah will give us the necessary strength we need to endure any trial Satan brings upon us, and remember that Jehovah can turn any curse into a blessing.


Bruno said...

Just a side note:

This Balaam was not just any "fortune teller from a neigboring street".
His name has been found in the "Deir 'Alla-inscription" in 1967: "Balaam, son of Beor, seer of the gods", which shows that he must have been a quite famous figure.

Edgar Foster said...

Thanks for sharing, Bruno. Good point.