Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Dissertation on The Johannine Comma


It's a doctoral thesis that is under embargo until 8-15-2013. So there's limited access for now.




Anonymous said...

I was unable to read the dissertation, but from what I have read on line from different sites. It seems that trinitarians will even lie , which God never has to do, to uphold their false teaching, what a shame!

Edgar Foster said...

I believe the dissertation is under embargo until 8-15-2013. So try again after that date to access it. To be fair, most Trinitarian scholars recognize the Comma is spurious. But there are some diehard Trinitarians who want to fight for the Johannine Comma tooth and nail. Like you said, God never has to lie.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Edgar;
I will check after 8/15. Does Dr. Daniel Wallace consider it Spurious?
I would hope he does. Thanks again

Edgar Foster said...

Hi Philip,

A quick answer to your question can be found here:

Wallace does not believe the Comma is authentic.